Over 1800 State, Regional and National titles!

We continue to carry on the Legacy of 3-Time World Champion and 2-Time Olympian, Kurt Thomas. His passion for coaching and the love of the sport is carried on in every aspect of the business!

17 athletes on full ride gymnastics college scholarships and counting!

Use "Dartfish" technology on each event to provide the best in high-level training!

17 video cameras in the gym catching all of the action and monitoring every coach and athlete during workouts.

All coaches and front desk staff are "Safe Sport Certified!"


The girls get medals for all their hard work…so I just wanted to send a note to say thank you for all your hard work! A big thank you to you and all the coaches for all the time and energy you all put into these sweet girls! What a fantastic first meet! I love to watch the way our coaches ease nerves of anxious girls, support them when they fall or don’t perform as well as they expect, and celebrate with them when the perform the way they wanted! I have said it before, but I truly believe that the Kurt Thomas gymnastics team (including staff) stands out above the rest. Thank you!  J.Johnston


Hi all, we Just wanted to let you know how grateful my husband and I are for how great our daughter looks. You have done a wonderful job with her I cannot believe the difference in this year than from her old gym last year. Please let all the coaches know that both my husband and I are really impressed in our daughter’s improvement. She came home so proud of herself and confident something we did not see in her last year… Please tell all the coaches thank you from our whole family. We know we made the right choice in bringing our daughter.  T.Keogh


I love seeing my daughter excited, encouraged, happy and having the passion for gymnastics that had disappeared! I know that I have said this before, but thank you, thank you, thank you, to you, Kurt, your awesome staff of coaches and office personnel for the communication. We are thrilled at how much information we get and how timely the communication is. There is a genuine warmth that you feel from KTG the moment that you make contact. I love the sense of pride that is so evident in how the facility looks and how the girls and coaches act. It is such a refreshing change! You are teaching the girls not only gymnastics but a sense of respect, responsibility and pride in their gym and teammates. We are in awe of the way that practice is run and the organization that is clearly seen in everything that you do. Most importantly our daughter loves practice, she is so happy, she is having fun and she has a smile on her face! Thank you again! We are so glad that we made the move to KTG!    D.Wright


“Dear Kurt and Beckie, WOW. I wanted to let you know my daughter LOVED your gym. I was going to have her try a couple more, just to be sure, but she said absolutely NOT. The kids were nice. The coach was great. Nice experience all around for a child who was sad and worried about leaving her friends and gym; that says more than you can believe…"   M.Rodriguez


Your Level 3 coaches are INCREDIBLE.  Forget gymnastics as I have no clue what makes a good skills gymnastics coach as any KT coach is obviously highly qualified.  I'm talking just as people and someone for the girls to look up to at such an important age in their lives. How all three of the coaches interact with girls in practice and at meets is so great.   Yes, I love watching my daughter compete but often I find myself at meets watching in between her performances KT's coaches and how different they are from other gyms.  There isn't a girl who comes of the floor, bars, vault or beam that isn't greeted with a smile, high five, low five, hug, words of encouragement or even tears (yes, I saw one of your coaches get a little emotional when one of the girls got a perfect 10!!!).  Last night at a meet I had 2 parents come up to me and ask "are your coaches this nice and supportive all the time with the girls or is it just a show for meets and parents only?"  I proudly said, "nope, they are this way all the time!!!"  Hats off to your Level 3 coaches.  Much appreciated.    K.Sendrey


I'm actually not sure how to put into words how very grateful we are for all 3 of your hand in my daughters life. It really is so much more than just coaching, it's teaching perseverance, working hard to reach your goals. It's demonstrating patience, when you have to say the same thing over and over again, not getting frustrated and having a good attitude even when you can't get a skill.  It IS also amazing coaching, attention to detail and so much more, things I know I'm not even aware of.  I just want to say thank-you for pouring into her, she loves all of you and KT.         


Thank you for the video!  I cannot tell you how nice it is to see her coaches and her friends happy for her achievements.  I love to see her so confident and reaching her goals.  You and all of the coaches are doing an amazing job with these girls.    D.W.



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