Was Your Athlete Successful?

Parents, Teachers & Coaches – Was Your Athlete Successful?

Some sports are ending their seasons as other sports are starting. Success to you is………….? Do we really measure success with 1st place? Or a medal? Do our kids learn that winning defines success? Or do our kids learn that improvement and effort define successful people? You have to win to feel good about your accomplishments?

It is important for all of us to evaluate the success of a season for each of our athletes and ourselves. The season success is not defined just by the last competition. The journey to the last competition, the steps along the way, the challenges overcome and the improvement from beginning to end, success. For every athlete.

Some athletes will finish the season with an incredible ending competition. Others will finish pretty good and still others will be disappointed, but almost all will be better now then when they started the season. That is success.

Improvement, not winning, should define success for most of our athletes. Let’s face it, not all athletes have the tools to be on top of the awards stand. But all of the athletes have the chance to improve. The season is not “lost” with a poor last performance. We are talking about kids here. Anything can happen in the last competition of the year. But did they improve? Did they have accomplishments along the way?

If #1 was the only place, an awful lot of us would always wind up disappointed and feeling unsuccessful. The life lesson we can impart on these impressionable young children? Try hard, focus, leap over the hurdle in front of you. Improve, not based on others, improve from where you are today. Can all children be successful if the adults in their lives teach this lesson? Youth sports are not about the game winning home run in the last inning.

Tom Burgdorf and Gymnet Sports