Benefits to Preschool Gymnastics

Enrolling your child in a preschool gymnastics class allows

us to help educate your child for today and future

activities. One of our primary preschool gymnastics

goals is to help them be more prepared and motivated

for Kindergarten. Through our physical activities our

preschool gymnasts show vast progress in the skills and

confidence they need to excel once they start school.

You have made a great choice in your parenting by

choosing gymnastics for your preschooler.


Easier Parenting – Most children in preschool

gymnastics are easier to manage by their parents. A

bold, bold statement but it is true. We get your preschoolers

used to hearing directions, understanding yes

and no, learning that there are limits, that they can’t do

what they want to do all of the time and to consider

others. We teach control, we teach discipline with sitting

in lines, taking turns and starting and stopping activities.

These areas benefit the parenting of the child a

great deal.


Social Skills – Talking to others. Sitting next to others

and communicating. Watching others take their

turn. Being happy for others when they do good.

Watching how others react in certain situations. All social

skills that our preschool students observe and learn



Listening and Following Directions – Absolutely

one of the most important lessons a preschool

age child needs to learn to move forward and improve.

“Stop for a moment and listen to my words.” So important.

To focus on someone giving instructions is huge.

Learning to put aside their desires and feelings for a

moment to “listen.” To “focus.” To “relax” for a moment.



Limits – Preschool age children need to learn that

there are limits. That they can’t just run anywhere or

jump off of anything. They need to know that there are

limits to what they can do. Our classes help show what

limits are and how to deal with them.


Making Decisions – Along with limits comes decisions

making. “Is this okay to do?” “Could I get hurt?”

“Did my gymnastics teacher say this was okay?” “Did

my Mom say this was okay?” To get the preschool age

children to start “thinking” and making proper decisions

is of major importance. Our preschool classes work on

this all of the time.


Confidence – Building self confidence is one of the

best things we do. The 1st day your child starts with us

when compared to 6 months later? The difference in

confidence is hard to describe. Our classes, equipment

and activities gently challenge each child and our instructors

make sure that EVERY child feels successful.


Gentle Discipline – There is acceptable behaviors

and there are unacceptable behaviors. Discipline and

restraint are lessons that every preschool child needs to

learn. To hear it from the parents is great, to hear other

adults sending the same message will impact the child

even more.


Taking Turns – Such an important concept for a

2/3/4 year old to learn. In our classes we are very careful

to always emphasize the understanding of waiting in

line and taking turns. The children need to learn that

others have rights too. Others get their turn and that a

child cannot just go do something when he/she feels

like it. A hugely important lesson in the development of

a “school ready” child.


Agility – What other sport works the entire body regarding

agility better than gymnastics? Under, over,

around, upside down, running, stopping, sideways, balancing,

changing directions, basically learning what the

body can do safely. A more agile preschooler is a more

confident preschooler as a huge part of their life is dealing

with physical activities. Do you want your child to be

one of the most agile children starting school?


Safety in Falling – You will see your preschooler

learning to fall properly. Important? Less trips to the

Urgent Care when they are 7/8/9? Maybe. An important

skill for ALL athletes to learn is the proper way to avoid

injury when they fall. These techniques need to become

a natural habit so that when a fall occurs, your child

knows what to do.


Running Skills – All kids can run. Can all kids run

efficiently? Can all kids run fast? Many of our activities

in preschool gymnastics incorporate running and the

proper way to run with their arms, with a lean forward

and with a pushing off the ground to move forward

faster. Do you want your child to improve their running

techniques so that they will be one of the fastest 5 year

olds in Kindergarten?


Colors/Numbers/Identifying – Our preschool

gymnastics classes are filled with equipment that we

use to help teach colors, numbers, shapes and counting

as we do the fun gymnastics activities. This is important

in preparing the children for Kindergarten. Again, hearing

it from other adults helps emphasize what you are

doing at home.


Bottom Line – Our classes help make parenting

easier for you. Our classes help develop better

“Kindergarten Prepared Children.” We make a difference

in the lives of the children who participate in our

classes. Great job parenting!